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Department of Electrical And Electronics Engineering


  • The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was
    established in the year of 1997.
  • The Department is well equipped to train Diploma in Electrical &
    Electronics to advance their theoretical knowledge and sound
    practices of the profession.¬
  • Diploma Electrical is a core branch and as such the department
    provides in depth theoretical and practical knowledge for three year
    courses of electrical and electronics.
  • Regular practical training is provided during the lab sessions.¬
  • Well qualified and experienced faculty is an asset to the department. ¬
    Course Highlights
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a field of engineering that
    generally deals with the study and applications of Electricity,
    Electronics and Electromagnetism.¬
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) first became an
    identifiable occupation in the late nineteenth century after
    commercialization of the Electric Telegraph and Electric Power
  • Department mission is to impart the students with practical knowledge
    in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering as well as
    professional skills necessary to face dissemination of technology.
  • To educate expose and enlighten, service to the profession of
    Electrical and Electronics Engineering through academic excellence,
    research and real world experience dedicated to a vision of the future
    that includes industry and personal enrichment and growth.¬
  • The institution continuously adds modern equipments to the
    department’s laboratories to emphasize on giving hands on training
    on all modern equipments.
  • The department is working on the projects in the areas of electrical
    motors and machines, power electronics, micro controller and
    programmable logic controller.¬
  • The students are given industrial visit and are encouraged to undergo
    campus interview and placement training in industries.

Laboratory Facility Details

  1. Electrical Machines Lab.¬
  2. Power Electronics Lab.¬
  3. CAED Lab.¬
  4. Digital Electronics Lab.¬
  5. Micro Controller Lab.¬
  6. Wiring and Winding Lab.